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    On July 29th, a whale was reported in distress at the entrance to Halifax harbour. Upon arrival, we found a minke whale bobbing vertically in the water with its tongue completely swollen. Based on the small size of the animal, it may have been still dependent on its mother, which was nowhere to be seen. Due to its young age and severe injury, the animal was unlikely to survive. After consulting with veterinarians, representatives from MARS, DFO and DNR responded the following day to determine the best course of action for this young whale, but found that it had died overnight. While retrieving the carcass we discovered it had been entangled in some old, lost fishing gear. The carcass was taken to the Agricultural College in Truro where a necropsy was conducted. We found that there were signs of a physical injury to the animals jaw. It’s possible, while anchored by the fishing gear, the animal was hit by a vessel causing its tongue to swell. The remains were left at the Agricultural College for a study on composting.


    Just another example of our trashing the ocean damaging and killing its inhabitants. 


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    at 5pm, Mojave Dolphins will be participating in #JDD2014! I hope many of you are also taking part in your local events

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    Please vote NO! (poll at bottom right of page

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    Today, the first day of the slaughter, the cove runs blue

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    Took this in the monterey bay the other day, the humpbacks were putting on quite the show

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  6. Anyone who stumbles across this blog, please deal with my terrible theme. I’m In the process of finding a good one. 

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    Reminds me about the Taiji dolphin slaughter coming real soon. You only support that horrid event by attending these.

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  8. Anonymous said: MY GOD did you even see Blackfish? What is wrong with you?!






    No. And nothing is wrong with me. I’m pretty sure that if it were so inhumane and so immoral, it would be illegal to keep killer whales in captivity, but it’s not illegal and I don’t let documentaries run my code of ethics. Therefore, you can ride your moral high horse back to wherever the fuck it is you came from. :)

    Actually, the tank and living conditions of the orca you posted a photo of IS illegal

    Lolita’s tank is so small that it is deemed illegal by US standards. It’s the smallest orca tank in the entire world. It is also illegal to keep a captive orca alone without another orca companion. Yet nobody does anything about it. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you don’t know much about orcas.

    For one, they are one of the most social creatures on the planet. They thrive amongst the company of their family members, and have extraordinarily strong bonds! Lolita, the whale you saw, is from the Southern Resident orca community in Washington state. Orcas in this population never leave their mother’s side. Lolita’s mother, L25 Ocean Sun, is around 80 years old and is still swimming free in Washington. But Lolita is kept all alone, isolated from her own kind and only has a few pacific white-sided dolphins to keep her company. This is inherently inhumane and cruel.

    Second, she has absolutely no room to move. There are no back pools at the Miami Seaquarium, what you see is what you get. She’s been in that illegal tank for most of her life. Orcas are built for a life of constant movement; in fact, they have been know to swim up to 100 miles in a single day! While traveling in the wild, they’re socializing, foraging, exploring, and playing. Lolita can do none of that.

    Third, let’s discuss how she came into captivity in the first place. On August 8th, 1970, Lolita was captured in the Penn Cove Roundup in Washington, one of (if not the most) bloody and brutal captures in the history of orca captures. The entire Southern Resident community, about 80 whales, was rounded up and caught. Lolita was one of many unfortunate juveniles caught this day. In addition, 5 whales died during the capture. 4 were babies who were wrapped in nets desperately trying to reach their mothers and ended up drowning. One mother tried and tried to get through the nets to her baby and drowned as well. The captors discovered the dead whales and didn’t want the public to know, so they slit their bellies and sank them with chains. Later the bodies were found by a fishing trawler and the public became enraged.

    Here’s a video of the capture (warning, it’s extremely hard to watch): http://youtu.be/ezZ77ywMxms

    There’s a plan to retire Lolita to a sea pen in her native waters in Washington so she can be close to her family again, and maybe even rejoin them. There’s also an armada of compassionate people willing to help get her home. Please, take what I’ve said here into consideration and don’t visit the Miami Seaquarium again. Once you understand and how intelligent and social and amazing orcas are, you realize how detrimental captivity is for them.

    This person actually assumes that if it’s cruel/inhumane then it’s automatically illegal. How fucking naive can you be?

    Have you heard of factory farms? Zoos? Fur farms? Hunting?

    Cruelty is often VERY legal. And people like you hinder a movement towards a more humane society.



    thank yoou ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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    Poor Luna. The world was not ready to accept his tragic adorableness.

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    Belugas are starting to become another one of my favorite animals. Add that onto the list. Let’s see…it goes
    BN. Dolphins
    Pacific white sided dolphins
    Commerson’s dolphins
    And then Belugas.
    I have so many favorites.

    Love Belugas. Wanna see them in the wild.

    Same here